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Future Technology Circuits International

A.Z.I.M Future Technology S.L. has been registered as a limited duty company in 2017, Founded by Toufigh Gaeini Gaeini and this website is online since 2007. 

In this website we are going to work on the following subjects:

In the Products and Services section we introduce the products manufactured by FTCI and the services which have been provided for our esteemed costumers.

In the support section every product technical specifications are discussed in detail and costumers’ questions are addressed by technical staff through Q&A, application notes, service manuals, softwares and live chat support. Products updating announcements and users guide to them would be discussed in this section.

In the resources section Future Circuits offers online courses which suits hobbyists, students and experts in various electronics and science categories. The courses include both elementary and advanced level approach to four main scientific categories. General knowledge is devoted to basic and simple scientific matters which give the readers a general view of the matter. Software courses section contains tutorials about CAD/CAM/CAE softwares. Science and technology section provides more advanced information about the scientific matters, focusing on fundamental sciences. Electronics courses section is dedicated to electronics projects and tutorials.

The Forums are a place for all valued users to communicate about their interests and share their knowledge with others. There is also an online store which provides our products and sale items directly for costumers.


Future Technology

Privacy Policy